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We are Have Her Back.

Equity for all starts here.


A women-owned culture consultancy.

We’re a culture consultancy working with passionate companies to instill authentic equity for all, inside and out. Our three-co-founders represent different ethnicities, ages, life experience, and work expertise to do what we do best.

As women of different ages, ethnicities and expertise, we set out to create an equitable workplace where we always wanted to work…but never had.

When you look at some of the world’s biggest and best-known consultancies, the majority are owned, run and led by cis gender white men. And because of that, the folks making decisions about the company, coming up with the ideas in the room and putting messaging and communication out into the world on behalf of brands, companies and industries are from the experience and perspective of very few.

We’re not ok with that. 

From the beginning, we've intentionally built a diverse and inclusive team that is reflective of the profoundly diverse, constantly evolving world we live in. See for yourself: Meet our team.



With the help of our essential resources and offerings, we’re able to measure what you say about the importance of equity for all against what you do to push it forward. We help you stop doing what’s not working, prioritize what will, and focus authentic actions and bold ideas that make a real impact.

Review our how we work to see how the magic happens.

We take companies from good intentions to intentional actions...inside and out.

And we work with some of the world's biggest and best brands and companies to tackle equity for all, differently and authentically. Our work sits at the intersection of C-suite intentions and stakeholder impact, helping companies move from good intentions to intentional actions when it comes to inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA).

HHB's superpower is in unifying the forces of Culture, Creative & Communications to drive progress in inclusion, diversity, equity and access.

The foundation of our approach is built upon our proven full-service culture, creative and communication support.


Furthering change farther together.

Want to create authentic cultural change, but need help doing it? Consult with us.

Want to help further our missions and have like-minded ones of your own? Collaborate with us.

Want to get involved and stay in the loop of all things HHB? Connect with us.


I want to create authentic cultural change, but I don’t know where to start. Let’s consult.


I want to get involved and stay in the loop with all things HHB. Let’s connect.


I want to help further HHB’s work and partner to advance my own like-minded missions. Let’s collaborate.