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Women drive culture.

They are not a segment. They are not a niche market. They are the market. Women make 85% of consumer purchase decisions and spend $40 trillion dollars every year, and yet... women hold little to no positions of power in the workforce. We’re here to change that.

But we are not just a business consultancy. We are a culture consultancy working with brands and companies to advance gender equity for women while driving business outcomes. We guide brands through the Arc of Authenticity: analyzing a company’s position and public perception and helping them to move from good intentions to intentional action, inside and out.

Calls for authentic inclusion are making headlines globally, from the world of government to sports to the boardroom. We ensure that the female point of view is included in the products and messages that companies put out into the world. Brands and companies have the power to make an impact like never before. Which side of history will you be on?

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About us

A women-owned culture consultancy.

The world is not built for women. So we created a company that is. It was 2018 and we were motivated. Women in leadership roles were (and remain) few and far between, the reality of unequal pay was building and society agreed… we needed a change.

That’s when Have Her Back was born. What started as a mission quickly evolved into a purpose: help companies evolve authentically. Consumers seek equality, diversity and inclusion in the brands they support. So do the employees that work for them. We help companies drive cultural change inside and out.

*Backed by global holding company, IPG.

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